Script to remove wetlands feature from S1?

Hi all, is there a way to remove the wetlands feature on Sentinel-1 by using a script?

Hi @katz ,

The image you have shared in your post is the underlying map (OSM), I am guessing from the Copernicus Browser?

If you would like to visualise a different type of underlying map that doesn’t highlight wetlands, you could select Voyager or Light. If you are looking to mask wetlands with Sentinel-1 data, I would recommend to search the literature: to the best of my knowledge this would require some form of classification or a combination with other sensors. Because of the complex nature of wetlands, I don’t think a simple “out-of-the-box” script applied to the images would provide good results.

If you do find an interesting script to apply to S1 data for wetland mapping, please contribute to the custom scripts repository which is a community effort to provide Sentinel Hub scripts for various applications.