Script works on SentinelHub playground, but not on EO browser

Hello, I am trying to calculate Vegetation Condition Index: Vegetation Condition Index | Sentinel-Hub custom scripts, and I can do it for a certain Sentinel 2 image from 2018 in Playground (2nd August 2018, Italy), but not on EO Browser for the same date (I want to download a georeferenced image which cannot be done in Playground as far as I know).

The error I get is:
Failed to evaluate script!
evalscript.js:19: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘date’ of undefined
const observed = scenes[0].date;
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘date’ of undefined
at filterScenes (evalscript.js:19:29)
at internalFilterScenes (:1201:10)

Does anyone know why it doesn’t work on both sites?

Note that you need to adjust the timespan on EO browser to take into account previous years, for the script to work since it is multi- temporal .


Same as you would enable temporal data in Playground

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