Scripts : How to get values from the data (max / min) and colormaps associated


I would like to retrieve the max / min value of an algorithm to adapt the colormap.

  1. Is there a function to access the value displayed (like a max() or min() of the matrix) ?

  2. Same question with frequency ? I know some clouds/complex areas could cause trouble. Is there a way to get the max value of 95% of the signal for example just to avoid outliers / unflagged data ?

  3. Also, the value (of Band 02 sentinel 2 for example) seems to be normalized between [0 - 1]. Any chance to get the real values rather than the normalized one ?

  4. Last question, is there a way to specify our own colormap ? I would like to apply colorblind friendly colormaps.


For the min/max value within the chosen geometry I suggest you check Statistical API:

The band value [0,1] is reflectance, which is actually represented by 0-1…
If you want “digital number” (DN), I suggest you use our API:

For the custom color map - sure, that is easy. Just configure your own custom script as shown here:

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