Senitnel-1 GRD - VH data visualization

Dear all,

since a few weeks we configured a Sentinel-1 GRD visualization of the VH polarization as a Sentinel-Hub layer. The script looks like following:

let viz = new ColorMapVisualizer([
  [0, 0x00204D],
  [0.1, 0x575C6D],
  [0.3, 0xA69D75],
  [0.5, 0xFFEA46]

function evaluatePixel(samples) {
	let vh = Math.max(0, Math.log(samples[0].VH) * 0.21714724095 +1);  
	return viz.process(vh);

function setup(ds) {

Since yesterday (2019-08-19) around noon the result image looks completely different when we request the layer from Sentinel-Hub. See the following image, how the visualization was before and after:

We have not changed the script or the configuration. Are there some changes in the API oder Sentinel-1 GRD data?

Thanks for help!

Ok, I have checked our layer a few seconds ago and now the visualization is correct again.
Very strange, I have no explanation for that.
As I said before, we have no changed the script or configuration.

There was a regression with one of the last software updates, which we have corrected.
We also improved our processes to avoid such issues in the future.

I apologize for inconvenience.

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