Sentinel 1 and 2 catalog


Please help me understand which Sentinel 1 and 2 data are available in AWS.

Sentinel-2 L2A dataset states that: ‘L2A data are available from April 2017 for wider Europe and December 2018 globally.’

Does that mean that I can find any global L2A image post Dec 2018 in the respective S3 bucket?

I could list all keys in the S1 and S2 L2A buckets but I wonder if there is an easier way to understand what data are available were.

Also, do the buckets contain all images ever acquired or only the once processed so far. How can I tell the difference please.

For background, I would like to quantify which S2 and S1 images (of a given type) are available over a given region within +/- x days of each other. I got the footprint geojson of the S1 scans and understanding which S2 images are available would great.

Thank you very much for any pointers.
Regards, Mark

Hi @mark.broich,

  • The readme is actually outdated. You will find L2A data globally since beginning of 2017. More info here
  • Yes, you should be able to find any observation ever taken since December 2018 in the S3 bucket, and all observations with less than 90% cloud coverage since January 2017.
  • You might want to use Sentinel Hub Catalogue API (this is payable service, but it does not cost much) or EO Browser for visual search.
  • Every entry in the catalogue directs to the actual file.

For your exercise I think using Catalogue API is the best option.