Sentinel 1 and 2 previous years data onwards 2003

Hello all, I am basically using this custom script Custom Script for data access of the same region mentioned in this script. I am working on a urban prediction model. For this I have to require previous years data too. Is there any way by which I can get previous years data using the same custom script.
Please suggest me a solution how can I get data of previous years too.
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in principle you can use the same custom script for all previous years and dates for which data is available. If you are using EO Browser, simply change the date by clicking on calendar icon. But note that Sentinels are not that old; our Sentinel-1 data archive goes back to 2017 and Sentinel-2 to 2015, see also our documentation.

Hey thanks for the reply
Yes I knew that Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data availbilty is from 2017 and 2015 only. My question is that any satellite avaliable from whom I can get previous years data of these bounding box [-17.628331,14.554343,-17.171647,14.922227] . Moreover is there a way where I can ajust this script to detect urban areas using any satellite which will get me data for previous years(onwards 2003).

The script uses a data fusion of Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2.

As an alternative to Sentinel 2 , you can use any of the Landsat mission which is available since as early as 1972. For your time range I suggest that you have a look at Landsat 4 - 5, here is the documentation.

As there is no alternative to Sentinel 1 data for previous years, you would have to adjust the script to use Landsat data only by simply replacing with corresponding Landsat bands and getting rid of Sentinel 1 bands completely , however this means that you might not get the same results.

You could try other scripts that are designed for Landsat data such as this built_up_index

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Hey, thanks for the reply
The mentioned script does not work with my area of interest.

Is there any landsat related script available which can help me to detect urban parts of my desired boundong boxes [-17.628331,14.554343,-17.171647,14.922227]. Help would be really appreciated.