Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 images are not superimposed?


many thanks for the Python-API: GitHub - sentinel-hub/sentinelhub-py: Download and process satellite imagery in Python using Sentinel Hub services.

I noticed that S-1 images are not superimposed with S-2 images. Have a look at the following example (which is representative for many cases):

It is the case for most of the S-1 images from different regions and during a large period of time.

Do you know the reason for that?

Many thanks

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Sentinel-1 images are distributed as non-orthorectified, which is what you probably notice.
Our “main” service ( do not yet support on-the-fly orthorecitifaction.
You might want to try prototype version of services residing on CREODIAS (, which do support automatic ortho. Services are not as stable and they are slower, but it might be good enough for you (they will improve eventually).
If you are interested, let us know and we will establish a test account for you there as well.

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Hi gmilcinski,

thanks for your answer and your solution. Is it possible to collect data from CREODIAS using the same or another python package?


You can use the same python package, you will just need to change the service URL.

–> Ok. I would like to test it.

OK, you should have received the e-mail with instructions.

Since version 2.2.0 of sentinelhub Python package this is supported. Once you set your instance id and layers at you will be able to obtain the data from this source if you simply change instance id and base url in package’s configuration file.

You can do this from command line

$ sentinelhub.config --instance_id <your eocloud instance id> --ogc_base_url

or within the Python code

from sentinelhub import SHConfig

sh_config = SHConfig()  # Collects configuration from config.json file
sh_config.instance_id = '<your eocloud instance id>'
sh_config.ogc_base_url = ''  # Saves new configuration to config.json file

Everything else is the same.


Great! That I was actually looking for right at this moment.

Seems to work. See example image:


Thanks for your quick support!


I’d like to understand the relationship between Sentinel Hub and Creodias. Should I be trying out Creodias separately?

Sentinel Hub service is operating on many platforms. Our main service is based on AWS but we have one running on CreoDIAS, Mundi and Onda DIAS-es, main reason being to be able to get access to more data.
If you would like to get access to it, send us an e-mail to