Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 S3 Inventory files


Hi all, S3 Inventory has been turned on for all the Sentinel buckets available via the AWS Public Datasets program. This includes sentinel-s1-l1c, sentinel-s2-l1c, sentinel-s2-l2a. The S3 bucket that contains these inventory files is sentinel-inventory and is in the eu-central-1 region.

These inventory files will provide, on a daily basis, the inventory of all files in the buckets along with their size and last updated time. More information on S3 Inventory files here.

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@jflasher I’m trying to use the s3 inventory files to catalog the archive and have the manifest.json downloaded. How do I know which csv.gz is the latest file to iterate over? Is each csv.gz an entire listing of the archive or just a diff? How would I iterate over the entire archive?


If you look in the manifest file, it should have a list of all the csv.gz files for that day. Let me know if that’s not the case.


@jflasher yep I see all the csvs for that day. If I iterate over the csv’s listed under sentinel-s2-l1c/sentinel-s2-l1c-inventory/2018-09-11T08-00Z/manifest.json, would I get the entire archive? Particularly all the productInfo.json files is what I’m looking for.

See our catalog is missing the productPath for on each tile record.
For example (u’products/2016/10/18/S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20161019T103543_R050_V20161018T095052_20161018T095052’)

and I’m looking to regenerate all of them. The productInfo.json contains the information I need I just wanted to confirm that 1 manifest contains the entire archive.


Yep, the manifest for the day will have all the objects listed to access to get the full inventory.