Sentinel-1 COG from DataSpace

As you know, Scihub is being deprecated in favor of DataSpace.
GRD and GRD-COG products will have different product identifiers. Example:

We were wondering how the Sentinel-1 bucket maintainted by Sinergise will evolve from there:

  1. Will new data still be ingested?
  2. As COG-SAFE will systematically be produced at DataSpace:
  • Will the bucket contain both products?
  • Or only the COG-SAFE product with the COG-SAFE ID?
  • Or only the COG-SAFE product with the original SAFE ID?
  • Or the orignal product, cogified by your pipeline, with the orignal SAFE ID, without the COG-SAFE product? (as it is today)

Best regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,
decision has not yet been made, but we will probably continue with the existing process, i.e. downloading SAFE files (S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20230610T175729_20230610T175754_048927_05E23C_3411.SAFE in your case), then COG-ify them using existing script.

We don’t plan to have both products as there is significant overlap between them.

Thank you for your prompt answer!

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