Sentinel-1 data missing from AWS

Hello. I’ve found a handful of Sentinel-1 collects from 9/4/2019 that are available in EO Cloud but missing from AWS OpenData. I’m wondering if this is a typical transfer delay or some sort of failed transfer/ingest to AWS. Here are a few product IDs for missing scenes:

  • S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20190904T110909_20190904T110934_017887_021A9D_396A
  • S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20190904T110934_20190904T110959_017887_021A9D_64B5
  • S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20190904T110959_20190904T111024_017887_021A9D_7299


It seems there is some general issue with ingestion fo Sentinel-1 GRD since yesterday late morning. We are investigating the issue.

Short update - the Copernicus Hub is slow for the last two days, making it impossible to download all the data. Sentinel-2 data have priority over Sentinel-1, resulting in Sentinel-1 being delayed significantly. These things usually resolve by itself over a few days. Will keep you informed.

Thanks looking into it and for the update.

Why are these same scenes available in EOCloud already? Are the data transferred from Copernicus Hub twice, once for EOCloud and once for AWS?

Is there any sort of public-facing site that provides monitoring or updates on delays like this?

EO Cloud is managed by CreoDIAS and they have a dedicated access to the data, DIASHub, which is much more stable than Open Hub.
No, there is no dashboard for these things. Due to the fact that our effort to bring the data to AWS is of voluntary nature, we try to optimize for most urgent manners. It anyway takes us significant time…

Okay that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

Note that we did adjust some settings and the backlog is now dissapearing. Unless another issue happens, it should be back to normal over the night.

Just a confirmation that backlog is now cleaned and sync is back to normal

On the AWS bucket sentinel-s1-l1c there still seem to be some missing scenes, e.g.: