Sentinel-1 data source settings as primary dataset?

Options for Sentinel-1 seem to be only possible if this is additional layer. Is it possible to set these options also if Sentinel-1 is primary dataset?

Hi @mohito ,

Could you please rephrase your question in an explanatory way?

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Hi @chung.horng

Of course. For example in EO Browser, under Discover, I search for Sentinel-1 data. For data location I choose AWS. I do the search, Visualize and try to make custom script. Under Custom script, there is option “Use additional datasets” which I check. There I can see Primary dataset as: S-1 GRD. Only two settings there are “Datasource alias” and “Mosaicking order”.

Now if I add Additional dataset S-1 GRD, this additional dataset has many more settings:
-Acquisition mode
-Speckle Filter
-Backscatter coefficient

So the question is, is it possible to have these settings changed for Primary dataset of S-1 GRD? Or at least it would be good to know what are the default values. For sure, some of these settings are probably controlled for Primary dataset on Discover search of data sources (Acquisition mode, Polarization), but I do not find other settings to be controllable for Primary dataset.

Hi @mohito ,

The setting of the primary dataset can be set by the advanced options. After searching the data, you click Visualize and under the Visualize tab you can find advanced options by clicking the setting icon (shown in Fig 1 & 2).

Fig 1

Fig 2

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