Sentinel-1 downloading with sentinelhub API

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to download several archived (ZIP) Sentinel-1 tiles. I spent several hours looking into the sentinelhub API (for Python) documentation and found everything but the instruction I need. I don’t need fancy preprocessing and further visualization, just S1 IW products in ZIP archive.
I managed to list all the product ids I need through the search generator but unfortunately didn’t get how to build requests to download them from the SentinelHub.
If anyone can share a piece of code I would be vastly grateful.

If you want to copy full S1 products, you can access them directly from AWS Open Data bucket. There is no function in sh-py supporting this specifically, but it should be straightforward:

  • you list the catalogue to get the list of id’s, you will also get S3 paths
  • you then construct the product’s file names (they are always the same)
  • you download each of them from S3 using e.g. these instructions

sentinelhub-py is na open-source and if you update it to support your need, pull request will be appreciated.