Sentinel 1 GRD gamma0 statistics differ from SNAP values

I made a post in Step Forum and I’d like to post it here as well becuase I got some questions for EO:

I open a S1 GRD image in EO and visualize the VV_linear gamma0 and get the statistics for my desired point (see the screenshot). The EO browser for July 19th 2021, gives me gamma0=4.68 but when I process the GRD image in SNAP (open GRD, apply orbit > thermal noise removal > calibrate which gives me gamma0, beta0 and sigma0) I see the gamma0 is different and that is 2.29946. Why do I get different values in SNAP and EO? Do I miss any step or something is wrong with EO statistics? Which DEM is used in EO? Any help is appreciated.

I responded in SNAP, to have the discussion at one place.

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OK, thanks. I’ll follow the discussion there.