Sentinel-1 GRD IW information on tiles and orbit


I am interested in getting S1A data from AWS for specific areas (tiles) and I am not familiar on the naming format of S1 folders and how I can be sure the data I will retrieve are for these specific tiles. For Sentinel 2 I remember that I could see the tile and orbit in the name of the files. I thought at first I could find some more information in the productInfo.json file but I couldn’t find anything to understand and use.

For context, I listed the files and folders inside the folder as shown below:








Does anyone have an idea where can I find the info I need?

Hi Antonia,

Sentinel 1 products do not use a a tile grid, however, there are methods you can use to identify data available over your AOI.

Using Sentinel Hub APIs, I would recommend using Catalog API to obtain the information needed to retrieve the tiles that you require. Using this you can enter your AOI and time range to find the suitable images you require.

There are also several APIs that are part of the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem that you can try using in your workflow

Alternatively, ESA does provide the information on Sentinel 1 acquisition segments in KML format. You could compare your AOI with this file in a GIS software.

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Thank you very much the help.