Sentinel-1 GRD preprocessing

I’m currently using Sentinel-1 GRD COG tiles from your AWS S3 bucket Sentinel-1 - Registry of Open Data on AWS.

Where can I find more information about the data?

  1. Had any preprocessing steps (i.e. backscatter calibration, noise reduction, DEM correction) been applied to those images prior to the upload? (
  2. What is the unit of the pixels? Is it in dB?


The only re-processing steps are:

  • convert GeoTiff to COG
  • rename files to have a more simpler structure

The files are therefore practically the same as the originals from ESA.

None of the follow-up processing is applied on the bucket. These (backscatter coefficient, RTC, orthorectification, etc.) can be done on-the-fly or on-demand via Sentinel Hub.

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