Sentinel-1 ingestion delay


I’m using the WebFeatureService endpoint on the sentinel-hub python API to query for Sentinel-1 images. It seems that there is a delay in the ingestion of these images, no Sentinel-1 images are found for the month of May worldwide. A query on scihub shows that some data has been acquired during this time though.

This is confirmed by aws s3 ls --request-payer requester s3://sentinel-s1-l1c/GRD/2021/ which currently only returns Jan-Apr.

Do you have any more information on this, and when we can expect this delay to be absorbed?

Thanks for your great service!


There is indeed a backlog at the moment, resulting in Hub’s erratic state on Friday and over the weekend. The backlog is recovering and we expect the latest S1 products to start arriving today/tomorrow, with the backlog to clean before end of the week.

Thanks for your very prompt answer, sounds good! I wasn’t aware that Scihub was behaving badly recently.

Is there a stream somewhere where you publish such alerts?

Well, when one is downloading 25 TB of data a day, the “small issues” come up…
No, we do not have a stream. it does not happen that often.

Yes I can understand that relying on Scihub daily to download that much data must not be easy every day. Thank you!