Sentinel-1 interval mean values



i am processing sentinel-1 data with the python-api. Therefore I need mean intensity values e.g. a 10 days interval on an ongoing basis. This is necessary because sentinel-1 values are quite noisy over time and the “overall” trend is fairly enough (I cannot pick only one scene per interval).
For now I am retrieving data within my aoi with “wcs.get_data()” and calculate the mean values for my own. But this is quite data intensive. Does anybody know a simpler way to achieve this? Maybe the “time_delta” parameter? And it is important to get the pixel values, not only a feature information per aoi.

Many thanks to all helpful answers! :slight_smile:


This would require multi-temporal processing, which is currently supported only on our “main” service (e.g. On EO Cloud ( this is coming soon.
To do a multi-temporal request, you need to add parameter TEMPORAL=true and configure your layer appropriately, e.g. to calculate mean values.
I do not have anything sentinel-1 specific handy, but you can find two related cases with Sentinel-2:
(maximum value over a period of time)
first quartile value.