Sentinel 1 - missing scenes

I was retrieving sentinel-1 scenes over northern germany with python and WmsRequest (EOCloud) while i noticed, that most of the scenes during may 2018 are missing. I checked the dates with Copernicus Open Access Hub and found at least 41 products within my area. I can also find scenes with within this timerange. I was able to load data from 2017 without any problems and thought the eocloud data would be up to date?

Can you provide an example of the request, that does not retrieve values? So that we can analyze the reasons?

request = WmsRequest(layer=‘1_VV___ORTORECTIFIED’,
data_source= DataSource.SENTINEL1_IW,
time=(‘2018-05-01’, ‘2018-05-30’),

request.get_dates() <- empty

If I change my timerange to 2017 or to June 2018 everything seems to be okay.

Thanks for your report.

It indeed looks like some tiles are missing and are now being queued to be processed.
It may take several hours for them to show up, depending on the region/date of the tile

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Thanks for your quick answer!