Sentinel-1 Mosaicking order is always most recent

I am testing Sentinel-1 as primary data source, having timespan selected, added to Sentinel-1 mosaicking: Mosaicking.ORBIT. As additional data source there is also Sentinel-2.

Timespan is selected to get at least 2 images for each data source.
If I put as output Sentinel-2, like first image in array, for example
And compare generated image by OE Browser if I select Least recent or Most Recent mosaicking order, images are different as expected.

If I do similarly for Sentinel-1, changing Mosaicking order between Least recent and Most Recent does not generated different image. It seems that always Most Recent Mosaicking order is applied.

Below is an example scene. Try to change Mosaicking order for S1GRD. It seems that by default Most Recent is applied even though Least recent would be selected.
Maybe you will also have to manually select timespan, for example from 2022-09-07 to 2022-09-01

Dear @mohito,

this seems indeed to be a bug when Sentinel-1 is selected. Thanks for noticing and letting us know. We will fix this and deploy an improved version of EO Browser soon.


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