Sentinel-1 pre 2017 catalog


Is there also a catalog for pre 2017 Sentinel-1 data?


By using creodias end-point you can access them already now.
Very soon, however, in a few weeks, we will have it available on our main end-point as well.

Thank you for this information. I am trying to create a request for pre 2017 data but it keeps failing (it is working for 2020 data with the other url). Could you advice on which endpoint to use? I tried the following:

as suggested by the documentation here:

but I keep getting 404.
When I omit v1 I get another exception in Python:
tifffile.tifffile.TiffFileError: not a TIFF file

Any suggestions for this?

Hm, you will have to be more specific, e.g. to send WCS request that you are trying to execute.
That said, sh-py has recently moved to process API, which is not supported on eocloud.
I hope that our core end-point will get data in a matter of week or two. Hopefully still on time.

Thank you for that information. Are there any examples for how to use the eocloud endpoint with Sentinel-1 data (or any other data)?

I tried to do this but I am assuming this is a “process API” call?

request_raw_dict = {
    "input": {
        "bounds": {
            "properties": {
                "crs": ""
            "bbox": [1360000, 5121900, 1370000, 5131900]
        "data": [
                "type": "S1GRD",
                "dataFilter": {
                    "timeRange": {"from": '2016-06-01T00:00:00Z', "to": '20216-06-30T00:00:00Z'}
                "processing": {
                    "orthorectify": "true"
    "output": {
        "width": 512,
        "height": 512,
        "responses": [
                "identifier": "default",
                "format": {
                    'type': MimeType.TIFF.get_string()
    "evalscript": eval_script

# create request
download_request = DownloadRequest(
    headers={'content-type': 'application/json'},

Hi @chinmay,

process API is not supported on eocloud.
WCS should work, though:
Note that RTC is not working there, orthorectification should, though. E.G.

That said, if you can wait a week or so more, I would suggest you wait. Will be much easier for you…

@gmilcinski, Thank you very much for the example and details!

Hello @gmilcinski : Any update on getting the pre-2017 data through SH API?

It’s being populated as we speak. Currently about 1/3 should be there already (you should see it), hoping to finish by end of the week.

@chinmay - all archive products should be now available on our core end-point.

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