Sentinel-1 Radiometric Terrain Correction Now Available

We are pleased to announce that for Sentinel-1, radiometric terrain correction (RTC) is now available along with other useful output bands.

A summary of what is new:

  • RTC can now be enabled by setting GAMMA0_TERRAIN as the value of the backscatter coefficient in your Process API request. Alternatively, select this in your layer configuration in your dashboard.
  • The local incidence angle for each output pixel is now available as an output band (requires orthorectification).
  • The normalized scattering area as computed by RTC is now available as an output band.
  • The radar shadow mask which provides an estimate of pixels which are in/near radar shadow is also available.

For more detailed information, see the S1 docs:

Happy processing!


Example of the SAR output without Radiometric Terrain Correction (RTC):

With RTC - especially relevant for mountainous areas

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this is great. As I didn’t find this information in the documentation: Which algorithm was used to create the Gamma0 RTC Sentinel-1 data?

Hi @ABraun,

we followed the Flattening Gamma paper by D.Small. We added the link to the paper and some examples of how to apply RTC in SH process api requests to our documentation.

Best, Anja

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very good, thank you