Sentinel 1 requests for only one orbit direction (EO learn)


If I create a Sentinel 1 layer in the configuration utility which only returns Ascending or Descending orbit direction data, when I make a request from this layer using the EO learn library, I get dates returned for either orbit, but that data for the other orbit is blank. e.g:
1/7 2/7 4/7 5/7 7/7 8/7
Ascending: [nan, data, data, nan, data, nan ]
Descending: [data, nan, nan, data, nan, data]
Instead I would expect to get data from 3 observations for each, but of course with the different dates.
I’m not sure if this is the expected behaviour.

I’m not sure exactly where the problem is, but I assume when the sentinelhub python library queries the dates for the request, it doesn’t specify ascending vs descending so gets both, then just gets no data when requesting e.g. ascending data on descending days.

Also, in looking into this: in EO Browser, the “theme” setting doesn’t seem to work for S1 data. If I select a configuration with only S1 layers as the theme, my layers don’t show up in the visualisations screen, only the pre-configured ones.

Your assumption is correct, the default in S1IWWCSInput and S1IWWMSInput is set to orbit='both'.

Specifying the corresponding orbit (e.g. orbit='ascending' or orbit='descending') should give the expected behaviour