Sentinel 1 rolling archive of 1 year

Hey Sentinel folks,

I see on your documentation that Sentinel 1 keeps the last 365 days of archive available in S3. However when we listed the bucket it showed records going back to 2014. Just confirming that Sentinel 1 keeps the last 1 year’s worth of data in S3. Thanks again

Current commitment by AWS is to keep S-1 GRD data as a rolling archive for one year. However, at the moment there should be all data available distributed from beginning of May 2017. If there are some older products (probably just a few), they are probably due to some re-processing by ESA, which resulted in distribution in the last period.

We are currently investigating a possibility to keep full archive, but no decision was made yet.

@gmilcinski Great info! Another question, when you remove data from S3 is there an event published?

There is currently no SNS configured for removal of products. However, there is no removal happening either, at least not on an ongoing basis.
For S-2 we have once (and only once, I believe) deleted a bunch of erroneous products and have provided a list on this forum.

@gmilcinski Okay to clarify, there hasn’t been a decision to keep the full archive, and starting in May 2018 you might start deleting data to maintain the 1 year rolling archive?

No. For the moment there is no rolling policy in place and there is a high chance that full archive will be kept.