Sentinel-1 SAR imagery may need filtering

Dear forum

SENTINEL HUB is a great product indeed but I was wondering if the Sentinel-1 SAR GRD VV [db] orthorectified images available are filtered for speckle using e.g. a 5x5 Lee Filter and/or a 3x3 median filter? all S-1 SAR VV [db] orthorectified imagery I have browsed so far on the app appear grainy - and as a result, in my opinion, of little use.

Below a quick example between a SNAP processed S-1 SAR image and the same image offered by SENTINEL HUB - if you ignore the land mask, and only look at the brightness difference over the ocean, the difference is evident. Is it possible for SENTINEL HUB to either filter the S-1 SAR images offered as VV in db or add another layer for the users? Thanking you in advance for your valuable help.

Specke filtering is not yet applied.
We are looking into how to implement it (at scale) but are not there yet.
I you are using EO Browser, make sure that you use AWS datasource as the avering on low scales is better there

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.
I actually was not using AWS but the EO cloud instead, by default.
And swapping the settings, the results are better and more towards what I am looking for. Great tip, thanks.
Looking forward to the speckle filtering being implemented for greater results.