Sentinel-1 SLC on AWS?

Many thanks for making Sentinel-1 GRD available as cloud optimized geotiffs!

Are SLC products available on AWS right now as well?

In the “Data structure for Sentinel-1” section of the Sentinel on AWS webpage one can read

[product type] = GRD - GRD or SLC

but aws s3 ls s3://sentinel-s1-l1c/ shows a single GRD folder only.

SLC are not yet available on AWS. We will start working on this on a couple of weeks, after GRD sync is proven to be stable.
Note that current plan is to only keep a rolling archive of 2 months of SLC data on AWS.

Thank you. Just out of curiosity, why only 2 months? Is it a disk space limitation?

SLC products are great but accessing them through Copernicus Open Data Hub and mirrors is a real bottleneck. Having them available as cloud optimized tiffs on AWS would make them easily accessible for anyone.

Well, SLCs are pretty large and every TB costs something. AWS Open Public Dataset team has decided to allocate that much storage initially.
When they see user uptake, they might reconsider this option.

If you have some good “story” to tell, on how/why you need more data, I am sure they would love to hear, it might convince them to put additional resources to it…

Hi, any news on this?
Would be fantastic to have SLC on AWS.

There are some SLC data actually available:

The overall replication of data was taken over by another company and we have not received an update from them yet.

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