Sentinel-1 Slice Mosaic

when downloading Sentinel-1 images with my bounding box (51.9870643190799%2C10.397053539347%2C52.1667265540781%2C10.5767157743452)
it happens that the edge of the slices is inside the box. This causes 2 images to be downloaded for one date.

If I have two images on one date, I want to mosaic them to get a single image. Problem: There is a gap between the two slices. Does anyone have any idea how I can handle it? Actually, the ends of the slices overlap in the raw data, right?

I’m not sure I understand correctly. You are getting two images you wish to stitch together? How are you getting them? Because, for example, if you make one WMS request it should already return the stitched image.