Sentinel-1 timelapse: filter by orbit (ascending/descending)


I would like to make a timelapse animation of Sentinel-1 data but with only ascending (or descending) orbit. Is it possible ?

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Hello Julien,

I assume that you are using the EO Browser function to create your timelapse?

If so, then this is certainly possible :slight_smile: when you search for Sentinel-1 data you can open up the Advanced Search parameters and here you can specify that the results are only ascending or descending orbits.

Hope this helps you out :+1:

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Hello William,

Actually the options selected in the Advanced Search are not effective when you do the time lapse.
Even if I uncheck “Descending” for the search, the Descending images are included in the time lapse.


Dear Julien,

you are correct that the filter option is not yet applied in the time lapse mode (the filter is currently only applied to the search results and afterwards not taken into account anymore). It’s something we have on our to-do list but I can’t promise when it will be available.

A workaround for now (though a admittedly a bit cumbersome) is to save the images you want to include in your timelapse as pins and create a bin story out of them (you can read more on EO Browser pin stories here).


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