Sentinel-1 VV histogram


Using EO browser, I would like to make a histogram of Sentinel-1 VV band to analyze variations through time at a single pixel location. As this is not an index, the histogram function is disabled. However, it should be possible because I am looking at a single band (VV). Is there any workaround ?

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Dear Julien,

you can technically get statistical information in EO Browser for a VV band as well, by modifying the evalscript. In fact, the same workflow would work for any single band output. However, for Sentinel-1, statistics through time in EO Browser is problematic, because there is currently no way to filter the orbits in the evalscript, so when looking at a statistical info chart, tiles with both ascending and descending orbits would mix, skewing the statistics. If you just wanted to view a histogram for a specific tile it would be ok, but any time related statistics is not that useful.

It is however possible to create a statistical request outside of EO Browser, by using our Statistical API, where you can filter the orbits in the request itself.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you very much for the script.

Indeed, orbit filtering would be very usefull, both for timelapse animations and time-related statistics.

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