Sentinel 1 zoom out


I was wondering if the new improvements for 2019 would include the possibility of zooming out and have a more broad visualisation of Sentinel 1 imagery. Is that coming? Would there be a way of having that capability with a “individual commercial use” subscription? I was also wondering if you have in mind the capability of performing speckle filtering as a built-in function to be used in the “visualization” window.


Interesting to hear you are asking for more zoomed-out images. Could you elaborate a bit more on the use-case that you have in mind?
At the moment I see that it is possible to ask for resolution more than 1.000m, so 1:4.000.000 “scale” on the map. I would have thought one cannot see any relevant information at this scale, so it would be great to get more info more from you.

Speckle filtering seems to be quite complicated on such scale (e.g. on-the-fly processing) so we are not sure we can do it fast enough to be useful.

Generally though, the 30-day trial option provides complete functionality as we like to give to our users full insight in capabilities (and limitations) before they decide to subscribe.

Hi Grega,

IMO the zoom out feature is very good for “hands-on” scouring, and panning from one region to the other, without loosing orientation on the map. This feature is also handy for Landsat 8 products.

The Sentinel-2 products of course have the entire zoom range so zooming out will still leave you with continents outlines for reference if you need to pan the map.

Perhaps there is no need to perform any OTF processing, thus serving the image tiles raw or resampled will suffice.

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