Sentinel 1B -Convert to 1A


  1. As the angles of 1A and 1B are different ,
    I am trying to understand ,is there a way to convert or “flip” an image acquired by Sentinel 1B to resemble images acquired by 1A ,in order to compare .

Preferably by OpenCV/Python?

  1. According to ESA, 1B is no longer operational (since 2022) -so how am I seeing images from 2024 which are taken from a different angle?

Thank you

Hi Jaket, the different viewing angle is not due to different platforms but the orbit direction of Sentinel-1. This likely explains the different angles you may see.

For more information on the different modes Sentinel-1 has, I would recommend reading into ESA’s documentation.

So how would you convert 1A to resemble 1B?

Please refer to this previous post: Sentinel-1 orbits impacting data - #3 by leatresch