Sentinel-1VV polarization


I’m downloading co-polarized images of Sentinel-1 (HH and VV) via the python package ‘sentinelhub’
For that, I’m using the pre-configured IDs: IW_VV_DB and EW_HH_DB.
The data availablility of the layer EW_HH_DB is OK, but there are hardly any images available at VV polarization.

Is there a configuration of VV or do I have to change the settings in the layers itself to obtain better data availabiltiy
(A reduced resolution would not be an issue in my case)

Thanks a lot,

This sounds strange. VV is available in most places, see this link:

I suggest you use EO Browser and check for data availability in your area of interest and simply try to visualise the VV band. This will help you find the root cause of an issue.

Thanks for sharing the Constellation Observation Scenario.
I should have mentioned that I am operating in the Arctic Sea.
So not having coverage there makes sense.