Sentinel-2 data as Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF

I would like to ask you if you are providing Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs for Sentinel-2?


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No. Sentinel Hub does provide GeoTiffs but they are not in COG.
Most of our users ask fir smaller tiles (512x512px) and for these it does not make sense to do COG step. We will implement this at some point in the future though, for larger scenes.

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Hey @gmilcinski,

I am newbie in GIS. With my small research I have found, that COG is way to go for my use case where run time i can pass some geometry and values like NDVi, NDWi get calculated. For that I am thinking of converting Sentinel-2 tile to COG. Is it good way? Experts around me how do I will mosaic the tiles? I am learning things quickly.

My ultimate goal is from Web Application user will give Geo Polygon, on that I will get that scene from latest tile, calculate NDVi, NDWi, and one small ML model all of this with COG scene delivery?

What are you thoughts on it? Can you please point me in correct direction?


You do not really need COG to calculate NDVI, NDWI, etc. You can simply use Sentinel Hub service and get the same results.
E.g. check this example:

or this one:

You can easily reach your ultimate goal using Sentinel Hub services.
Check an example including ML model:

That being said, if you really want to convert Sentinel-2 data into COGs, I suggest you check these resources:

Note that you will have to store these COGs somewhere, which might ramp up your ICT bill quite a bit.