Sentinel-2 L1C before 2017

Dear all,

I tried downloading data from 2019 to 2015 in an AOI over Indonesia, which went well for all data until 2016 and earlier. I noticed, that ESA changed the naming convention and after browsing through the s3 bucket of s2-l1c products, trying to find the corresponding image, I noticed a difference in the names.
One of the products I’m interested in, is


From the old naming convention this should translate to


The creation date (yyyymmddThhmmss) is the only thing I cannot convey from the name given by ESA, thus I have 7 possible Images to download in the s3 bucket.

My question would be, if there is a way to get the creation date without downloading and manually checking every image. This is because there are 49 further images, which are missing for me

Hi, there may be a smarter way to do this so don’t take this as the best answer, but if you needed a brute force approach, you could look at the S3 Inventory and look for the items that match your pattern, that would get you the object names within the bucket.

Thanks for your answer! I’ve thought about it and if there is no better way, then I’ll use this approach.

I found a solution for me:

The ESA provides an archive of .csv entries for the renamed products. It is available under this adress: