Sentinel 2 L2A band data not in range 0-1

I’m working with sentinel-2 L2A data , sentinelhub version 2.6.2, date is from 2017-05-05 to 2018-09-29, location is a small patch over the UK. The problem I’m getting is that the band data I’m getting isn’t between 0 and 1. From reading the faq i shouldn’t be getting values above 1, Is this a mistake?

Hi @david.p,

It shouldn’t be a mistake. Some Sentinel-2 data (both L1C and L2A) actually has reflectance values greater than 1. This can happen for some very bright surfaces such as snow, some clouds or some bright building roofs.

If you would like to verify that yourself, I suggest downloading an original product from ESA Scihub for the same area and the same timestamp and comparing the values.