Sentinel 2 L2A error and missing dates?


So when viewing using wms service we can’t see almost any dates in june 2022. We can see may and july.

Is there any issue with these dates?

Our AIO is here:

Also when opening in playground we get a notice " Error Could not load data for Sentinel-2 L2A. Try selecting a different collection."

Any help appreciated.

I am checking this area with EO Browser (I would strongly recommend you use EO Browser instead of Sentinel Playground for such tasks, as it allows you to do much more accurate analysis), I see many dates in June, i.e.

and many more, almost every second day.

What do you mean that you can’t see these dates using WMS?
I notice that your WMS configuration has cloud coverage filter set to 20%. Try setting this to 100%, so that you see all available data:

The mentioned error has nothing to do with that, it is some artefact of Sentinel Playground.

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Hey there. Yes, that was the issue. I don’t remember setting cloud cover max to 20%, but setting to 100% solved and now all dates are available.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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