Sentinel-2 L2A have no projection info

Hi, I’m wondering why the geographic projection info of L1C images is lost in the L2A.

For instance, running

gdalinfo /vsis3/sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/33/T/VE/2017/3/29/0/B04.jp2

shows that the image is georeferenced in UTM zone 33N. With the same image in L2A,

gdalinfo /vsis3/sentinel-s2-l2a/tiles/33/T/VE/2017/3/29/0/R10m/B04.jp2

shows no projection info. As far as I understand, transforming L1C into L2A involves radiometric corrections only and it shouldn’t affect the geometry. Am I missing something?

Sen2Cor-processed Sentinel-2 data are encoded with OpenJPEG, which results in different internal structure of the files, making it difficult to work with in the cloud. This is why we re-encode the data during ingestion to AWS.
It seems this process involves a bug. We will look into it and if it is the case, fix it.

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Thank you for looking into it. Do you confirm that there’s a bug?

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Yes, we are almost certain that it is a bug. We will fix it as soon as our priorities allow it.


This issue has been fixed for all newly ingested products.

Great, thank you! Do you plan to fix it also for all the already ingested products?

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We are looking into how demanding this exercise would be. It depends also on further evolution of this product.

On the side note we are preparing python libraries, which will work around the issue.

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Can you provide anymore updates on this issue?

Hi Grega,

I recently stumbled upon a Sentinel-2 L2A product that misses projection info (from January 2018), and was wondering if a decision was made on your side about reprocessing or not the products that were ingested prior to 4 April 2018.

It was not a decision but rather a bug.
You can find alll relevant inforamtion in the meta-data.