Sentinel-2 missing images March

I’m using sentinelhub to search images. I usually use a bbox as a parameter to search
Is something wrong with API sentinelhub?, It’s seems like not up to date

for example, for this geometry:

the last images was 2021-03-20


There are also images on 25th of March, but very much cloudy:

Might it be that you have a cloud coverage filter in your search? Not sure, which API exactly you are using and with which parameters.

I can confirm that the OpenSearch module of SentinelHub is not returning the latest tiles.

sentinelhub.opensearch.get_area_info() makes requests to

Example request:

Returns only 3 tiles:

  • tiles/36/U/VB/2021/3/23/0
  • tiles/36/U/VB/2021/3/18/0
  • tiles/36/U/VB/2021/3/13/0

But many more and recent tiles are available on the S3 bucket: aws s3 ls s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/36/U/VB/2021/3/ --request-payer requester

I noticed the same issue with any other bounding box I was querying. sentinelhub.opensearch.get_area_info() returns tiles up to 2021-03-23. Do you know what could be the cause? Is there any workaround I could use to check which tiles a bounding box belongs to?

Hi @karol.stanski,
please note that the OpenSearch interface is not actively maintained as it is not one of our core services. We are trying to keep it running, but we do not recommend its use for production purposes.
Do use STAC compliant Catalogue instead:

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Note that Open Search is up-to-date again.