Sentinel 2 missing products

I have found a few sentinel Level 2 products which appear to be missing from sentinel hub, although they are present on Copernicus.

Sample on Copernicus:

While on sentinel hub:

request = AwsProductRequest(product_id=product_id, data_folder=‘UNKNOWN/’, safe_format=True)

HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:

The other product I’ve found missing is “S2B_MSIL2A_20181025T113319_N0209_R080_T30UUA_20181025T141311”

Any idea why these 2 are missing?

No idea, to be honest.
We are putting continuous efforts to ensure that all the data are synced. However, with tens of millions of products there is a chance that a tiny issue results in few products not being downloaded. It might also have been an issue on the Copernicus Hub’s side, e.g. corrupt product, product added later on, de-synced catalogues…

Thanks for your reply. Given the issues I’ve also seen in the past with the reliability of Copernicus services, it makes perfect sense.