Sentinel-2 processing baseline 4 changes

ESA updating the Sentinel-2 processing baseline to version 04.00 in January, 2022, which introduced breaking changes to the interpretation of digital numbers (DN).

Is there any way to get similar radiometry values what we are getting now, for the images before January 22.

Hi Partha,

If you wish to make the data before and after the baseline change comparable then I recommend setting the harmonizeValues parameter to true: DN values are harmonized so they are comparable with data from previous baselines. Therefore it still holds that DN = 10000 * REFLECTANCE. In addition, negative values are clamped to zero.

That I have done and compared. But moving forward we want to bring earlier data to current standards instead of doing the opposite. Reason for that is in future we would get data in this format, so why not to transform historical data.

Just wanted to understand if that is possible or not?

This question was answered in the thread linked here.

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