Sentinel-2 Quarterly Mosaics


Are the Sentinel-2 Level 3 Quarterly Mosaics (Documentation - Sentinel-2) available on the sentinel-hub by Planet/Sinergise?

They are listed in the sentinel-hub custom scripts library (Sentinel-2 L2A Quarterly Cloudless Mosaic - True Color | Sentinel Hub custom scripts) and while
I am able to add them in the Copernicus Browser, I can’t get them working in the sentinel-hub Configuration Utility.


Hi @aron.zahradka,
these mosaics are available on the Sentinel Hub running on Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem.
You will need a separate account when using that one, but there is a free option available, and you can make use of your subscription (if you have one) to get higher quotas, via [Creodias}(Sentinel Hub Pricing - CREODIAS).

See an example:

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Great, thank you for the information! I will look into a Creodias subscription if needed then.