Sentinel-3 Bottom of Atmosphere Reflectances

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to find out if it is possible to access Sentinel-3 Bottom of Atmosphere Reflectances using the Sentinel Hub services but haven’t been successful in finding either a positive or negative answer so far. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I could also download L1 radiances, convert to reflectances and then apply an atmospheric correction with e.g. the Rayleigh correction within the ESA SNAP software. It looks like I could access Sentinel-3 OLCI L1B data but apparently already processed and not in the native netCDF file format (in .SEN3 folders) which I would need in order to use the data with the SNAP software.

Thank you a lot in advance for your help and advice!

Hi Adrien,

Thanks for the question, indeed, you can only access Sentinel-3 OLCI L1B data via the Sentinel Hub APIs. Using Process API you can download the data in GeoTIFF file format but not netCDF file format.

As you require the .SEN3 folders you can access the data directly in AWS S3. More information on this can be found here and here for information about the data formats.

I hope that this helps to answer your questions.

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