Sentinel 3 data WMS - nan values

Good evening,
I am trying to get Sentinel 3 SLSTR data from 2017 for a little bbox, I am interested in both S7 band and S2 band.
I get the data from WMS service using two different layers because S2 and S7 have different resolutions. For the 2017-01-02 20:51:35 image, I get data values for S7 band but ‘nan’ values for S2. Then I double-checked on EOBrowser if the data is actually missing: if I select the same datetime none of the S2 and S7 is shown on the map. I am wondering how I can get S2 data and why S7 is not displayed on EOBrowser.
This problem is not limited to that datetime but it occurs for one-third of the images of 2017.

Here below the parameter of my request:
MAXCC=100.0 Transparent=True ShowLogo=False BBOX=41.06116481189384%2C14.980955211017445%2C41.06219146883538%2C14.981723628557297 FORMAT=image%2Ftiff CRS=EPSG%3A4326 TIME=2017-01-02T20%3A51%3A35%2F2017-01-02T20%3A51%3A35 WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=847 LAYERS=PHENOLOGY-S3 REQUEST=GetMap VERSION=1.3.0

You will need to provide some more information so that we can check what is happening:
-links to the EO Browser location/date, which you say it is not working
-full WMS requests, mask just half of the instance ID.

Thank you for the answer, here the detail you asked for:

  • link to eo browser Sentinel Hub EO Browser
  • the wms request for S7 band:*MASKED*?SERVICE=wms&WARNINGS=False&MAXCC=100.0&Transparent=True&ShowLogo=False&BBOX=41.06116481189384%2C14.980955211017445%2C41.06219146883538%2C14.981723628557297&FORMAT=image%2Ftiff&CRS=EPSG%3A4326&TIME=2017-01-02T20%3A51%3A35%2F2017-01-02T20%3A51%3A35&WIDTH=480&HEIGHT=847&LAYERS=PHENOLOGY-S3&REQUEST=GetMap&VERSION=1.3.0 and another similar wms request is done with different LAYERS parameter to get S2 band.

Thank you in advance