Sentinel 3 OLCI and SLSTR not listed on EO Browser


EO Browser used to list Sentinel 3 OLCI and SLSTR data. However, today in the morning (10:30AM IST), few of the data sources including Sentinel 3 OLCI and SLSTR were not getting loaded due to some reason. This was a common occurrence (data not being available for short durations) and was usually fixed in an hour.

But today, the data sources which were not available in the morning were not available throughout the day. In the evening (5:30PM IST), when I logged in again, I noticed that EO Browser was no longer listing Sentinel 3 OLCI and SLSTR data sources in the DISCOVER section. I am attaching a screenshot of the DISCOVER section of EO Browser where all the data sources are listed.

Is this a temporary issue from Sentinel or has there been a change in the process to view Sentinel 3 OLCI and SLSTR data?

Hi Sid, there is a currently a temporary issue with data availability from several datasets including the Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR data collections. Once, they are available again they will be appear in the list of data collections on EO Browser.