Sentinel-3 SLSTR data available in Sentinel Hub

In the Sentinel Hub, you can now access the Sentinel-3 SLSTR data which is available since May 2016.

Sentinel-3 SLSTR provides global and regional Sea and Land Surface Temperature. EO Browser provides data acquired in nadir view while descending. Measurements are processed at Level 1B and represent the top of atmosphere reflectance or brightness temperature.

Spatial resolution:
500m for bands S1 to S6, 1km for bands S7 to S9, F1, and F2.

Revisit time:
<= 1 day using both satellites.

Common usage:
Climate change monitoring, vegetation monitoring, active fire detection, land and sea surface temperature monitoring. Sentinel-3 SLSTR instrument ensures continuity of the Envisat AATSR.

Inspect it in EO Browser.