Sentinel 3 - SLSTR - Radiance Data


I am new to the EO community. It’s great to see a well-maintained and popular forum for Sentinel Hub. I have a question about Sentinel 3 data products, specifically thermal infrared images.

SLSTR data from Sentinel 3 is provided as “Brightness temperature” for level 1 products (e.g. “” for the band 9 brightness temperature in the nadir view).

Is it possible to access SLSTR radiance data, instead of brightness temperature, through the SciHub portal? I.e. radiance images before the conversion to brightness temperature is made.


Hi David,
Note that S3 SLSTR is not (yet) available on Sentinel-Hub. Regarding unit conversion, even if this is not available from the system directly, in many cases you can implement such a conversion using custom scripts. I’m assuming here you don’t mean the S1-S6 bands, as they are already provided as radiance.
I hope this helps

Hi Marko,

Thanks for your reply.

I accessed the SLSTR data through the Sentinel 3 Pre-Ops portal on the Copernicus Sci Hub page. Indeed you are correct that radiance data is provided for S1 - S6 bands. However, I am interested at the moment in the thermal bands S7- S9, where only brightness temperature is provided.

My original post was intended to check to see if the radiance data was available directly, since (back) conversion of SLSTR brightness temperature to radiance would be possible source of error in my processing that I would like to avoid. However, since the radiance data is not available, I believe my efforts should be focused on getting that conversion correct instead.


Hi David,
As far as I know the only data available for these bands are as you say in brightness temperature units and there is no way of getting radiance directly. So it seems that for your use a conversion is the only option.
cheers, Marko

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Hello David, please hope you were able to find a way to convert the brightness temperature from Sentinel -3 to radiance data. I am trying to do the same thing and I will appreciate it if you can share the code for the conversion of brightness temperature to radiance data with me.