Sentinel 5 Missing Methane Concentrations

Dear all

I am a new user trying to interpret Sentinel 5p (Tropomi) methane concentrations. I find in the EO Browser that there is very few data (pixels) every single day in most regions. I am aware of difficulties to retrieve data due to albedo, cloud cover etc… but still even in sunny days there is like 5% coverage at most in North America most of the time. Does someone knows the reasons for the limited coverage of methane?

Thank you

Dear @javierbecerro,

Sentinel-5P data come with a quality value per pixel in per percentage. This is for CH4 by default set to 50 so only values with at least 50 % quality will be displayed. You can find the setting under Show effects and advanced options in the visualization layer (see screenshot).

Setting the threshold to a lower value will display more results but the confidence of the values will be of course lower.


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