Sentinel 5P data processing

Hello guys. I’m new to remote sensing studies and I’m having difficulty finding materials that include the basics of Sentinel 5P image processing. I would like information about pre-processing, on how to use SNAP and also how to finalize the result in software like QGis.

Thank you!

Hi @gabrielly.andrade ,

Welcome to the fascinating (but sometimes challenging) world of Remote Sensing!

To get you started with Sentinel 5P, I would suggest to take a look at ESA’s user guide. There is plenty of information about the sensor there.

Did you know that Sentinel Hub supports Sentinel-5P level 2 (L2) data :slight_smile: ? To learn more about the characteristics of the L2 data we offer, you could take a look at the data page. This data collection can be accessed and processed like all the other satellite platforms offered by Sentinel Hub:

  • you can explore the images using EO Browser and even do some basic processing in your browser using custom scripts.

  • you can also use images directly in scripts (for more flexible / powerful processing), for example using the Python package.

If you are really set on using SNAP, then I suggest you visit their forum, they are friendly there :wink: .

Finally, Copernicus RUS offer quality training material, including this video. But as you will see, you need some Python knowledge, and we feel using Sentinel Hub is easier…

Good luck with your studies!