Sentinel-5P products

Hello. Recently, I have observed the products of Sentinel-5p provided by the Sentinel-hub EO-Browser and I have some question regarding them.

  1. I found that there are always some empty (i.e., No value) pixels in the products which were not processed by Sentinel-hub. I want to know the reasons why these pixels were not processed (See the pictures below).

  1. I also observed some empty pixels which make a linear pattern. What are these linear empty patterns? Please see the picture below for more clarification.

  2. I saw some linear patterns in the products (See the picture below ). What makes the algorithms to produce these patterns?

  3. Is there any report regarding the accuracy of the Sentinel-5p products given by Sentinel-hub?!

Sentinel-5P data come with quality (QA) attribute, which depends on various elements, but most commonly clouds. EO Browser is configured to only show data with QA more than 0.75.

If you use Sentinel Hub services directly, over WMS or similar, you will be able to set the limit for this parameter to 0 and you will get all the data.

I am not sure, but I would bet this is either due to the scene borders or QA attribute. I suggest you check how this looks like with QA limit set to 0.

For 3 and 4 I suggest you check ESA’s documentation: