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Good morning

I encountered a problem when renewing my Sentinel Hub - Basic subscription. Your system tried to charge the amount three times but failed. Very strange since we have had the subscription for about a year. I have now tried to create a new subscription by paying with paypal. Could you kindly check if there is any problem with my account renewals?


Hello Luca,

It seems like the credit card issuer is declining payments and requiring additional authentication. This is also possibly the reason why Paypal payments didn’t go through.

The issue can most likely be resolved by re-adding your credit card and thus going through the 3D Secure verification steps again.

If the same issue occurs in the future for any credit card subscriptions, you can re-add your credit card in the Dashboard, as explained here: FAQ

Thank you for your understanding and let us know if the issue persists.

Jan Jezeršek

Hello Jan

thank you for your reply.

Last week I tried to add the credit card again following my bank’s verification steps but it still didn’t work.

Today I created a new subscription with paypal but it is still not active and I don’t see any payment.

I need to solve the problem as soon as possible, as we have not been able to use the service for 3 days and therefore cannot process data for our customers.

Can you tell me the necessary steps to solve the problem in some way?
Should I revoke the subscription created with PayPal and make another one with my credit card?

Thank you

Hello Luca,

In that case, please try revoking the PayPal subscription make another one with your credit card.
Best regards,

Jan Jezeršek

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