Sentinel Hub batch.create check

batch_request = batch.create(

I am on this batch.create call from the create_batch_request function from GitHub - sentinel-hub/field-delineation: Field delineation with Sentinel-2 data from Sentinel-Hub and a ResUnet-a architecture..

And I am resulting in this error.

But if I change to the default batch.create function from the example, everything is completely fine.

Is there something wrong with the syntax on the first one?

Hi @pj.ganotisi

Unfortunately the field delineation (FD) repository is no longer actively maintained, and it seems you bumped into an issue of older versions, e.g. your sh-py and eo-learn versions are way newer than the FD code.

I suggest you try to modify the FD code according to the working and updated examples from eo-learn, there are probably few breaking changes to fix.

For the most part, I’ve actually updated most of the code to align with the newest versions of eo-learn, etc.
The function looks completely fine according to the documentation:

Is my string for default_tile_path syntactically correct for this?

Nevermind that, it was an issue with the tile_path after looking in closely.

Is there no way to install the older eo-learn versions?

I am glad you found the issue.

You should be able to install older eo-learn version by specifying the version in the requirements.txt, but you’d have to manually check which other package versions are suitable for such older versions. We are actually working right now on fixing versions for all dependencies to ensure the code in the repo works as expected.

We hope to complete this as early as next week.

Yeah, one thing I noticed was that when I installed the correct version of eo-learn. the sentinelhub version wasn’t correct, and it was attempting to look for a sentinelhub.os_utils, which probably doesn’t exist anymore.
This was the error I was getting.